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10 Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Yard (1)Erica YoungUpdated: Sep. 23, 2023

    An effective privacy fence needs to be at least six feet high with minimal gaps. Check out some of our favorite designs from Instagram.

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    10 Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Yard (2)

    courtesy @revealmydiy/instagram

    Deck Privacy Fence

    This wood privacy fence on the deck of @revealmydiy‘s home looks beautiful all on its own, but the built-in planter boxes really make it stand out.

    They made the planters themselves with PVC boards that they painted with Behr Deckover in the same color as the deck. Here are the step-by-step instructions to build a privacy fence with moveable planters.


    10 Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Yard (3)

    courtesy @nickscustomwoodworks/instagram

    Herringbone Privacy Fence

    Here’s another deck privacy fence, from @nickscustomwoodworks, in a distinctive herringbone pattern. The diagonal lines look great and the thin space between slats keeps the deck area secluded.

    This is a custom-made fence, but you can get the same look with this metal privacy screen sporting a similar pattern.


    10 Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Yard (4)

    courtesy @awesomestower/instagram

    Slat Privacy Fence

    Using the existing fence posts on her old fence, @awesomestower built this modern horizontal-slat fence to give her yard a new look.

    When deciding on the spacing between the slats, remember that the smaller the space, the more privacy you’ll have. For this yard fence, they opted for about 1/2-in. spacing. That allows adequate airflow without anyone seeing through into the yard.


    10 Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Yard (5)

    courtesy @thedecormama/instagram

    Planter Privacy Fence

    Needing a solution to hide her “ugly side yard,” @thedecormama built this lovely privacy fence and planter in one! The horizontal slats feature engineered wood siding cut into strips with a table saw. And the potted plants offer a delightful finishing touch, mounted to the fence with these clever pot holders.


    10 Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Yard (6)

    courtesy @rooftopiachicago/instagram

    Decorative Privacy Screen

    Laser-cut steel privacy screens, like this one from @rooftopiachicago, offer seclusion while letting light filter through with a decorative flourish. Rooftopia provides custom design, fabrication and installation for their made-to-order screens.

    For a similar look, try these rust-resistant metal screens, which can be mounted or freestanding.


    10 Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Yard (7)

    courtesy @mycountrylife_idaho/instagram

    Corrugated Metal Privacy Fence

    For an affordable privacy fence, consider corrugated metal. It’s a lot more budget-friendly than wood in these times of high lumber prices. Plus, the zinc coating of galvanized corrugated metal helps it resist rust and weathering.

    Just remember: The higher the gauge, the thinner the metal. Look for no more than 29 gauge for a sturdy fence. This wood and corrugated metal fence from @mycountrylife_idaho offers that casual farmhouse vibe.


    10 Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Yard (8)

    courtesy @terracebythecoast/instagram

    Bamboo Privacy Fence

    The tropical look of bamboo fencing will make you feel like you’re on vacation in your backyard! This patio privacy fence from @terracebythecoast features bamboo fence panels similar to these.

    According to Cali Bamboo, a fencing company in San Diego: “Bamboo fences can last twice as long as cedar fences and are able to significantly withstand more environmental extremes, such as high-force winds (the rounded canes allow the wind to pass through the fence). And unlike cedar or pine, bamboo is naturally termite resistant.”


    10 Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Yard (9)

    courtesy @durabond.steel.fence.supply/instagram

    Steel Privacy Fence

    For absolute privacy and security, it doesn’t get much better than a gap-free, solid steel fence, like this one from @durabond.steel.fence.supply. Steel fences last for decades and are essentially maintenance-free.

    To keep your steel fence looking new, Durabond says, “Simply hose it off as seasons change, and take care to clean out the bottom rail channel to avoid build-up of dust or other materials.” That’s easy!


    10 Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Yard (10)

    courtesy @mgcdecks/instagram

    Stucco and Wood Fence

    This two-tone, modern privacy fence by @mgcdecks combines a white stucco wall with a wood topper made from horizontal redwood planks. The contrasting colors and textures turn the fence into a focal point for the yard and provide a lovely backdrop for the nearby plants.


    10 Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Yard (11)

    courtesy @kira_turner/instagram

    Pool Deck Privacy Fence

    Nothing but good vibes and summer fun on this cozy pool deck from @kira_turner. The horizontal slat fence keeps pool time relaxing and private, and we love the addition of the cheeky metal sign. Alternating wide and narrow boards adds another layer of visual interest. Bonus points for that chic black and white stripe umbrella!

    Originally Published: June 14, 2022

    10 Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Yard (12)

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    10 Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Yard (2024)


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