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    D.C.-area forecast: Humid heat on repeat, before storm chances rise later in week

    A heat advisory is in effect from noon to 8 p.m. today. The heat index could exceed 105.

    • Matt Rogers
    • ·

    PM Update: Blistering heat and high humidity persist through Tuesday

    Heat advisories have been hoisted again for tomorrow, with it likely feeling past 105 locally. Actual highs will be near 100 in the city.

    • Ian Livingston
    • ·

    D.C.-area forecast: Brutally hot and humid through midweek

    A heat advisory is in effect from noon to 8 p.m. today for heat indexes up to 105.

    • Jason Samenow
    • ·



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    PM Update: Humidity returns tonight, boosting Monday heat index to near 100

    There’s only a small chance of rain Monday in the D.C. area, but the Mid-Atlantic could see some moisture from Beryl’s remnants later in the week.

    • A. Camden Walker
    • ·

    D.C.-area forecast: Sizzling Sunday with lower humidity. Staying hot through midweek.

    The heat index should reach near or above 100 tomorrow through Wednesday. Shower and storm chances gradually rise tomorrow through Wednesday.

    • Molly Robey
    • ·

    PM Update: Slight chance for a strong storm or two into tonight; a ‘dry heat’ for Sunday

    Humidity is on its way down and should be better tomorrow but temperatures are still hot

    • A. Camden Walker
    • ·

    D.C.-area forecast: Very hot again today, with a storm chance late

    Temperatures head for the mid-90s to around 100 this afternoon. Storms don’t appear super threatening.

    • Ian Livingston
    • ·

    PM Update: Small storm chance and very warm tonight, hot again Saturday

    We’ll watch some storms work this way through evening, but odds aren’t great for much. Mid- and upper 90s are likely Saturday.

    • Ian Livingston
    • ·

    D.C.-area forecast: Scorching today, with heat indexes reaching 105 to 110

    A heat advisory is in effect from noon to 8 p.m. as we make another run close to 100 today. Late-day storms possible, but not too big a threat.

    • A. Camden Walker
    • ·

    PM Update: Showers and storms calming down, a lingering shower still possible

    Earlier rains cooled temperatures, but it remains very muggy.

    • A. Camden Walker
    • ·

    D.C.-area forecast: Heat builds while storms may produce their own fireworks

    Heat indexes could top 100 degrees this afternoon.

    • David Streit
    • ·

    PM Update: Heat advisory, late-day storm risk for Fourth of July

    It could feel as hot as 100 to 105 Thursday.

    • Ian Livingston
    • ·

    D.C.-area forecast: Heating up for the holiday weekend as storm chances return

    The heat index heads for near or above 100 tomorrow through at least Saturday.

    • Dan Stillman
    • ·

    PM Update: Another pleasant night, with temperatures near 90 Wednesday

    We can only hold off the 90s for so long this time of year. It’ll remain less humid than normal, for now.

    • Ian Livingston
    • ·

    D.C.-area forecast: Another July gem today. A little warmer tomorrow before holiday heat.

    Heat, humidity and thunderstorm chances arrive July 4 and stick around through the weekend.

    • Matt Rogers
    • ·

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